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     ||| グラスゴー空港炎上爆破テロ事件 |||
2日間でロンドンとスコットランドの3カ所でテロ未遂 英国内に「厳戒態勢」施行

2007年6月30日 スコットランド・グラスゴー発 | MSNBCニュース速報 | 訳:ysbee

Burning SUV Rams Glasgow Airport; 2 Arrested
U.K. raises security level to highest ‘critical’ level; attack may be imminent
BREAKING NEWS — MSNBC News Services | Translation by ysbee
GLASGOW, Scotland |JUNE 30, 2007 — Two men rammed a flaming sport utility vehicle into the main terminal of Glasgow airport Saturday, crashing into the glass doors at the entrance and sparking a fire. Police said two suspects were arrested. Hours later, Britain raised its security alert level to critical — the highest possible level indicating that terror attacks are imminent. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith raised the level and ordered security to be tightened in response to events in London and Scotland over last 48 hours.

JULY 3, 2007 | 米 流 時 評 | ブログ雑誌『 楽 園 通 信』デイリー版f0127501_6213945.jpg

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     ||| グラスゴー空港炎上爆破テロ事件 |||
2日間でロンドンとスコットランドの3カ所でテロ未遂 英国内に厳戒態勢施行
1. 'These are linked'
The airport—Scotland’s largest—was evacuated and all flights suspended, a day after British police thwarted a plot to bomb central London, discovering two cars abandoned with loads of gasoline, gas canisters and nails. “One has to conclude ... these are linked,” Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, former head of Britain’s joint intelligence committee, told Sky News. “This is a very young government, and we may yet see further attacks.” Britain’s prime minister, Gordon Brown, who took office only Wednesday, was being briefed on developments by his officials, Downing Street said.
▼ グラスゴー空港のターミナルビルに全員避難命令が出され雨の中を避難するツーリストと職員
2. SUV slammed and exploded
n Glasgow, the green SUV barreled toward the building at full speed shortly after 3 p.m., hitting security barriers before crashing into the glass doors and exploding. Two men jumped out of the burning vehicle, one of them engulfed in flames, the witnesses said. “The car came speeding past at about 30 mph. It was approaching the building quickly,” said Scott Leeson, who was nearby at the time. “Then the driver swerved the car around so he could ram straight in to the door. He must have been trying to smash straight through.”
▼ 空港ターミナル正面入口で燃え盛るジープ 左奥は犯人を地面に取り押さえる警官と空港職員
3. Witness: Burning car and two men
"He’s trying to get through the main door frame but the bollards have stopped him from going through and barreling into the bustling terminal at Glasgow’s airport. If he’d got through, he’d have killed hundreds, obviously. Only the nose of the vehicle made it inside the building and lodged into the center of the terminal’s main entrance. The jeep is completely on fire and it exploded not long after. Then it actually exploded at the entrance to the terminal. It may have been an explosion of petrol in the tank because it was not a massive explosion. Two men—one of them engulfed in flames—were in the SUV, one as a large South Asian man. His whole body was on fire.... He was just talking gibberish.”
「運転手はガラスが大破して枠だけになった入り口から突入しようとしましたが、エントランス外側の車止めのコンクリートのおかげで、車はかろうじてグラスゴー空港内の人混みに突っ込むのはまぬがれました。もしそれを乗り越えていたら、猛スピードの炎上する車は、きっと何百人も殺していたのは明らかです。しかし実際には車の鼻先がビルの中につっこんだだけで済み、主要エントランスの真ん中で止まりました。ジープは完全に火に包まれていて、今にも爆発しそうでした。そして実際まもなく空港の入口で爆発しました。それは爆発物ほど巨大なものではなかったので、多分ガソリンタンクに引火しての爆発でしょう。ジープには二人の男が乗っていましたが、ひとりは火だるまになりました。南アジア系の大柄な男でした。彼の全身が炎に包まれて.... それでもなにやら罵詈雑言を吐いていました。」
▼ 車ごと炎上し服も燃えたイラク人のテロ犯人 全身9割以上の重度の火傷でグラスゴーの病院に入院中
4. 'There was definitely a bang'
"An Asian guy had been pulled out of the car by two police officers. He was trying to fight off and they’d got him on the floor. Police wrestled him to the ground—the fire was burning through his clothes—and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher. An airport officials did not think the incident was an accident. The men in the car got out and started throwing petrol about—that must be how it caught fire. Then a 'bang' coming from the SUV. The vehicle was on fire and every now and again there was a bang coming off it. ... There was definitely a bang. There were a few pops and bangs that seemed to be the tires and the petrol. There was chaos at the airport. Suddenly people were running past us. Suddenly everyone said to get out of the airport."
「そのアジア人の男は二人の警官によって車から引きずり出されました。彼は猛烈に抵抗しましたが、警官は彼を地面にねじ伏せました。男の着てる服が燃えているにもかかわらず警官は格闘して地面に取り押さえたんです。そしてやっと消火器でその火を消しました。消火した空港職員は、これが事故ではなくてテロ事件だとわかっていたようです。男が車から降りるなりそこらじゅうにガソリンをまき散らしましたから.... それにきっと火がついたんでしょう。そのあとは、ジープの中から『バーン』という爆発音がしました。車もすっかり火に包まれたので、そのあとはもうひっきりなしに爆発音が続きました。あれは、絶対に『爆発』でした。タイヤやガソリンによると思われる爆発音は、それよりも小規模でしたから。空港内はパニックでした。人々が目の前を全速力で逃げて行きました。突然誰もが、空港から逃げ出せと叫んでいました。」
▼ グラスゴー空港から緊急避難する旅行客 空港内のカートに荷物を積んだまま路上を走って逃げる
5. A week before the 2nd anniversary of 7.7
Another witness, Margaret Hughes told the British Broadcasting Corp., "Passengers fled running and screaming from the busy terminal. Flames and black smoke rose from the vehicle outside the main entrance."
Other passengers were stranded, with at least one airplane grounded on the runway, the BBC said. Two men were arrested in consequence, but it was unclear if anyone was injured, Strathclyde Police spokeswoman Lisa O’Neil said. The incident also comes exactly one week before the second anniversary of the July 7 bombings that killed 52 people.

▼ 米国はまだ警報を発令していないがニューヨークのケネディ国際空港でも機銃で武装した警官が随時警備する
6. Tighter security at U.S. airports
Glasgow airport handles around 8.5 million passengers a year, according to its website, and would have been packed with holidaymakers at the time of the incident, which took place at around 3:20 p.m. (11:20 a.m. ET), according to Glasgow police.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has taken steps to raise alertness at some airports, and more TSA agents will be posted outside some terminals, the White House spokesman, Tony Snow said. Local police also may take separate measures, he added. “The most you’re going to see right now is some inconvenience—like some longer waiting lines for the airline passengers, more likely at the major airports,” Snow said.

▼ 空港ビルへ入る前の段階で早くも関門を設け空港利用客をチェック 英国では全土で厳戒態勢が当分は続く模様
【米国時間 2007年7月3日  『米流時評』 ysbee訳】

d0123476_16595561.jpg    米流時評 特集 【英国連続爆破テロ事件】
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    7/4 ドクターテロリスト戦線ネットワーク
    7/5 テロリストの暗号「アルカイダ・コード」
    7/6 秘録「アルスリ」アルカイダの戦略ブレーン

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